Monday, October 15, 2007

you gotta fast car...i wanna ticket to anywhere

did I ever mention
that every girlfriend I've ever had
has been lost to a guy
since I was oh, 16 or so
funny, isn't it

we'd meet when we're single
and doin' our party thing
have a good year or so
chumming around
and then she'd meet someone
and slowly
but ever so surely
i am relegated to those
she'd no longer have time for
i'd be the single friend
who didn't fit with the plan

i never found someone of my own
so i could never return the favour
of dumping them
before they dumped me

don't freak
this has nothing to do
with anything
going on in my life right now
i was just thinking
on the train
how the guys never wanted me
but they always took my girlfriends away

and yeah, i know
that's the way it's supposed to be
but hey
still waiting for my turn here

and I had a chocolate ice cream sundae for dinner tonight

(title lyrics tracy chapman; photo mine)

1 comment:

trin said...

Sundaes for dinner are good for the soul. I happened to have had cinnamon ice cream with soft oatmeal cookie pieces for dinner tonight. :)