Saturday, October 06, 2007

when the walls come tumbling down

...begin pathetic, self-centered, overindulgent, get-over-it-already whine

When the plagiarist (who is still at it occasionally, by the way) gets to meet this cool blogger before I do, it's clear that we're living in a truly fucked up world.

...end pathetic, self-centered, overindulgent, get-over-it-already whine

We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast.


trin said...

I can't believe that she's still at it! She didn't learn her lesson because her gang didn't let her... the whole thing still has the ability to make me see red, if I let myself think of it. You know... people who are ok with that sort of thing really aren't all that cool at all. She hasn't taken more of your stuff, has she?

She had this tag line (the signature thing) for a while that was "no motion without the emotion". I posted a poem a while back called "Vibrant Emotion as Perpetual Motion" and I always felt she kinda stole my idea. Who knows?


(I love all of your blogs - I'm glad that I found you here!)

Anonymous said...

Hey he's out here too, did you know that?

I'm really sorry she is up to her old tricks. I don't really understand what would drive a person to do something like that... blogging fame perhaps?!?! And what the heck could she get out of that!

I'm sorry you had to remove your archives. I hope they come back. I love your blog.

Spring said...

Trin, nah, she's not taking my stuff, but she copies from major websites and then claims it's hers. And I wouldn't be at all surprised if she had stolen your idea.

And I know that I need to get over it. I stopped popping into her blog to check, and damned if her name didn't come up in chris' blog. And that just made me mad all over again, lol.


Hey, curious. Yeah, I have a link to chris out here from my bdsm blog. He hasn't posted for a few weeks, though. It's hard to keep up one there and one here.

She's not taking my stuff or anything, it's just the pattern of taking others' words and calling them her own. And yeah, I really need to get over it.

I took the archives down for several reasons, fear of plagiarism being just one of them. But I'm inclined to leave them down just to maintain the sense of moving on to something new.