Thursday, October 04, 2007

flawless freak

So the doc visit last saturday had its good and bad. Six months of anticoagulant instead of three. New blood pressure med (first time on this) despite losing weight and dietary changes. But, six pounds down from three weeks before (and another down this week as well), blood sugar down to 102. I know, the new guidelines say keep it under 100, but considering its been as high as 170 a few years ago, and was 123 three weeks ago, I'll take the 102. Completely diet and exercise controlled, people -- no blood sugar meds at all.

Met with the department chair yesterday; he told me exactly what I need to do for a renewed contract for next year. Seems I'm already on my way, having attended two professional development workshops so far this semester, and applying this week for a faculty development workshop that will pay me $1000 to attend some training meetings this fall and make some changes in the assignments for my policy class next spring. He stressed finishing the diss, or I won't get the reassignment. Ouch.

We do have to do a lot of the same things at our CC that faculty in four-year colleges do, like conference presentations, research, publishing -- all while handling four or five courses per semester. Whoever tells you that CC profs only teach, or that somehow teaching at a CC is 'lower scale academically,' doesn't have a freakin' clue.

My schedule next semester will be exactly the same, with the same courses. I'm happy about that, as the prep won't be so tough next semester. I'm making changes in how I teach pretty much as we speak, trying to be the best I can be and motivate my students to want to really learn, rather than going through the motions for the grade. They've been pretty receptive so far. I'm still digging on the students in general despite the few that you find in every class.

Resident evil was a huge disappointment. Not what I expected at all. Two different story lines, and they didn't come together as well as they might have. Still though, Milla Jovovich in a long black 'herders' coat, whipping machetes out of her waistband and twirling them around her fingers is worth it. And I'm not even into women.

This movie, on the other hand, was not at all disappointing. I hadn't planned to go see it, wasn't the least bit interested, but I was with rugrat and her bf and they were seeing it, and I didn't have the heart to say I wasn't interested. Glad I went for it. I haven't heard the reviews for either movie, so this is my opinion based on my own viewing.

Speaking of movies, I'm showing Nell in my Social Skills Development course. We've covered things like cultural issues, language barriers, stereotypes, assumptions, self-determination, engaging the client, and intervention, and this film is full of examples of all of this. I have two sections of this class, and both seem to have enjoyed the film and understood the connection to our studies.

I'm picking up a rental car tomorrow am and driving north to meet some fellow bloggers. Sometimes it doesn't suck to be me, as deepblue would say.

The rest of the three day weekend will include prep for classes next week (typically done on friday, but hey), some minor MFD work to sooth my committee, and the annual state inspection for the car (downstate NY has some major requirements).

I wish I had time to write some the more introspective posts like I used to do, instead of what seems to be a laundry list of 'what I did last week.'

Flawless and Freak: both on George Micheal's Patience cd. Great for walking in the city.

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Have a wonderful time!

I'm glad that you're finding your groove at the CC.