Saturday, October 13, 2007

but i had to buy 'em, i had to...really, i had to

Anyone who's been reading this blog for awhile knows that I loooove payless shoes. Or more specifically, BOGO at payless. I've got myself a nice little collection of quite lovely heels.

Thing is, I was buying all those heels when my job was a desk job. As in, sit behind a desk and rest those tootsies for eight hours straight. The only walking I did in them was between the office and the parking garage. Or across the street to pick up some lunch.

I hadn't anticipated what a difference it would make to be standing in front of classes for four or five hours a day. Not to mention half running down city blocks from one building to the next for back-to-back classes.

Damn, those heels are wicked bad on my feet! So I decided I had to do what was best for my feet. Flats. Flats that don't leave the ball of my feet nearly numb from pain. Not to mention the cracking. In my toes and the balls of the feet. Actual cracking, I kid you not.

This of course! Yup, shopping for new shoes. And yes, it's payless BOGO!

So yesterday, the rugrat took the train into the city to meet me on campus and see my office after work and check out that senor swanky's restaurant.

Before dinner, we stopped by payless. And I found two pairs of flats (can't find a photo of one), a kitten heel, and a pair of one inch heels that shouldn't kill me.

I know, not as purty as my heels. But vastly more wearable. And I'm not giving up the heels, I'll hang onto them in the hopes of wearing them for special occasions. Hah. Yeah, like I have a whole lot of those these days.

And yeah, I did have to give up a few pair to make room for the new ones. But I picked really old sandals that I'm very unlikely to wear ever again. Hee hee.

Oh, and that senor swanky's...the one that calls itself a mexican cafe and celebrity's on bleeker street and west broadway, a block south of washington square park. Whenever I see bleeker street, I think of the joni mitchell a bleeker street cafe, I found someone to love today.

Anyway, the place was dead as a doornail at 8 pm on a friday night, and the food could only be called mediocre at best. There was a lot of it, but it wasn't anything to write home about. Disappointing, in fact. But then I'm sure that people go there for the bar, not the food.

(swanky's photo...the rest here)


ladyk73 said...

At least you got some swanky shoes!

WistfulWench said...

I miss heels....

Finding a nice flat shoe is SO hard! I'm glad you found some you like!

Spring said...

Unfortunately they aren't the best fitting shoes. While my heels don't hurt anymore, they hurt on the outsides of my foot, just below my toes. Oh well. Can't have everything.