Monday, September 24, 2007

ok fine, so I flew off the handle a little bit

Ok, I'll admit I was wrong and got all het up for nothing.

The bloody week from hell was not revisited. It was what I would call 'normal,' if anything is ever normal.

And my salary issue was a one-time adjustment because I started in the middle of a pay period. And apparently they cut a check for the first week of classes (instead of direct deposit like the rest of my paychecks), during which I was paid as an adjunct since my contract hadn't started yet. And since no one told me I was supposed to pick up that check separately, let alone that it was ready for pick up, it sat in the payroll office for two weeks. So now it looks as though financially I'll be slightly better off than before. As in, instead of getting $85 less per pay period than my previous job, I'll get about $85 more instead. I can live with that.


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