Friday, September 21, 2007

jesusfuckingchristonapogostick, can i get a motherfucking break here??? Hunh???

I've about had it with the whole bleeding thing. It ain't what it's cracked up to be.

The bloody week from hell lasted for eight days, from August 24 to September 1. During those eight days, I lost more blood than I would have donated at a freakin' blood bank.

I know enough about blood loss from those two years of donating plasma to help pay for grad school to know that the body replenishes white blood cells in a few days. That's why you can donate plasma twice a week.

But the body takes almost two months to replenish red cells. That's why you can only donate whole blood roughly every eight weeks or so.

So, my body hasn't fully 'replaced' what I lost during the bloody week from hell, and sometime last night I began losing blood all over again. I'm supposed to be in fucking menopause, but instead I'm bleeding-to-deathexhaustion.


On the positive side, I've walked twice this week, from down near the WTC site up to grand central station. I'll do it today, too. This morning, my scale was down five pounds from two weeks ago. And that's after porking down a humongous burger and yummy spicy fries last night at a dinner get-together.

Gee, I wonder if it's weight loss, or blood loss. Hahahahhahaha! Yeah, ok, bad joke. Sorry.


The challenging students are finally beginning to stick out in class like a sore thumb. For example, the three girls in my intro course who challenged me on the group project and said it was too much work and they didn't have time in their busy schedules to meet with group members, and then when I was putting out the fires they started with the rest of the class, proceeded to pull out their cell phones and check voice/text mail (I gave them a 'look' and that was all it took, they slunk down in their seats and put the cells away), and all three 'forgot' their textbooks (the only three without books in the class) and couldn't do the small group discussion without borrowing my text.

I didn't lose my cool, though, and I didn't give in to them and change the assignment. I stuck with my guns, and I think I managed to do it without antagonizing them. 'Cause you see, those student evals are the most used tool by the college in terms of deciding to keep someone who isn't tenured yet. Nasty students can make you or break you. You have to find a way to keep them in line without pissing them off enough to give you a really bad eval.


So far so good with rugrat and the driving thing. Did I mention she passed her driver test with flying colours? Last Friday morning. She's driving to school and work, but that's all her limited junior license allows until January. She's being a careful driver, and I'm slowly getting used to it.


Rigoletto's on Arthur Ave. in the Bronx -- Little Italy. That was where my final goodbye to those at my last job took place. My boss went all out with this lunch, said I deserved it for all my work over the last five years. We started with bruschetta and chunks of parmesan cheese, and wine (for everyone else), then had antipasto platters. Then it was either penne a la vodka (which I love) or salmon in mustard sauce (which I love even more--and chose), and they sent around bowls of lightly steamed green beans in a light marinara sauce, which were actually pretty good (said the veggie-hater).

The final incredible course was dessert. The restaurant had italian cookies, but my boss had gone one extra. It looked like a cake, with congratulations 'spring' written on it. But when I slid the fork into it, I discovered that it was a napolean, I think four layers high. Layers and layers of flaky crust and custard. Incredible! It was so rich, that I wound up taking lots home and it took a few days to finish it off.

A farewell card and gift came next. The gift: $125. Cash. My boss knows me well. It's currently in my savings account, and I'm doing my best to keep it there.


I just checked my bank to be sure my first full check (the last one was just for one week) was deposited. My two week deposited take-home pay? 85$ less than my two-week take home at the old job. That's $170 less per month than I had coming in before.

What the fuck!? Tell me how I can possibly have an income increase of $3,000 annually, and yet my take home is less than before?

I am seriously fucked financially.


ladyk73 said...

Oh my god! Call your Doctor! Don't bleed away on me....

Hey....the little accountant here has a paycheck suggestion: check your exemptions. Did you claim 2? That might make a big difference if it is less than last time.... said...

1. uterine ablasion. its supposed to be quite effective.

2. congrats on the new job. welcome to the world of more = less.

3. hi, how are you? it seems you've had more than your share of challenges these past months. me to ~ just emerging from hell.

4. its the blogger formerly known as velvet acid tongue.

Spring said...

ladyk, believe me, the doc knows. Not much we can do except take me off the anticoagulant. But it was not as bad as last time after all.

I talked to payroll and got everything all straightened out. That'll teach me not to lose my mind before I have all the facts.


velvet, how the heck are you, where have you been? I guess I need to get over to your spot and find out.

Don't know if I can have the ablasion done when I'm on the anticoagulant, but it looks like my body is going to behave for the time being, thank goodness.