Tuesday, September 18, 2007

and she knocks it out of the ballpark!

Now why the hell would I use a sports metaphor when I hate sports?


I was walking down the hall in our department yesterday and ran into one of the profs who was on the interview committee when I was hired. She's very nice, and a senior faculty member (which means she has some clout). She said hello and then let me know that she'd heard good things about me from a student. And not just any student, one of her favorites. Which meant more than if it had been some random student she didn't know. He's in one of my classes (obviously). And apparently, he's decided I'm a very good teacher. She'll no doubt be letting some of the faculty in on that.

Way cool.


galros said...

Go you darlin!!!!

Take the compliments when they come!!!


WistfulWench said...

Yay you!

I knew you'd hit a home run! :D

jenny14 said...



Maybe he thinks your a "cool chick" as well


Spring said...

Thanks all. I guess this helps me to deal with what happened in another class the very next day, when three students started a near mutiny over one particular required project that wasn't even the most difficult course requirement. Sheesh.

trin said...

That's such a great feeling. Good for you, spring. :)