Thursday, August 23, 2007

book 'em dano!

So the rugrat had to go to court today.

Now you have to understand her bf's living arrangements for this to make sense. He lives in a two bedroom apartment with his mom, a younger brother, and an older brother. This summer, an even older brother dumped his two toddler nephews on them for the entire summer as well. Needless to say, there is constant chaos in that place, and if rugrat and bf want to have a private conversation, they take it outside.

There is a small park right next to the apartment complex that is a part of the adjacent grade school (where all the little ones in the complex attend school). So that's where they go to talk. To the park. They sit at a picnic table and talk. And while I'm sure there's some lip action going on as well, I prefer not to think about that.

So anyway, about six weeks ago, she and her boyfriend were talking one night in that park. It was about ten pm on a sunday evening, and she had just called me to come pick her up because bf was called in to work a shift for someone who couldn't make it.

Just after calling me, the cops who had been parked and watching them while chatting with two other cops approached them and wrote them each a complaint/summons to appear in court. Why? Well, it seems that Yonkers has a city ordinance that says no one can be on unlit school grounds after dark. And the park was on school grounds.

So they basically got a ticket for sitting in the park and talking. They weren't doing anything but just sitting there.

So they went to court today, and the judge threw her case out completely. Whew. But he went after bf, said rugrat, because 'he's the guy.' That was supposedly the judge's reasoning. I have to wonder though if it was that, or because of the color of his skin... Anyway, he was fined $25 bucks, and rugrat split the cost with him to be fair.

What have we become when a girl can't sit and talk with her bf in a school park after dark? It was only 10 pm, and they are 17 and 20, so that isn't late. And remember, in the winter it's dark at 6 pm. What do they do then?

Oh, and rugrat checked during the day, and that ordinance isn't posted. She couldn't find a notice anywhere. You're apparently just supposed to know it. Even though she doesn't live in that town. Sheesh.

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