Thursday, August 09, 2007

some people apparently have balls of steel

So the one over on alt who plagiarized me (my experience with her is why I've hidden most of my blog here) and others (including a major, well established web site), and who then turned around and tried to pretend I had plagiarized her, has taken to writing poetry and putting a copyright date at the bottom.

Hypocrisy abounds.

I wonder how she'd feel if I copied one of her poems, posted it here, and took full credit for it.

Not that I would.

Her writing sucks monkey balls, and I wouldn't want anyone thinking for a mere millisecond that I had written that drivel.

OK, end rant. I'm all better now. :D

But my blog stays hidden to avoid any other potential attempts at plagiarism.

1 comment:

fellahere said...

she would be better off stealing better stuff ha