Saturday, August 25, 2007


The pain was as close to unbearable as she'd ever experienced. Similar to contractions during delivery, coming in waves, building to a crescendo, then easing. It had been going on for four hours or so, despite multiple doses of ibuprofen.

She feel the need to pee, so she headed for the bathroom, nearly doubled over in pain. As she urinated, the pain reached its zenith, and she felt, in that moment, blood gush forth along with three or four distinctive lumps...clumps of blood and tissue from her uterus...pushed from her body. Nearly instantaneously, the pain stopped. Abruptly. Completely. A sense of calm engulfed her body, no doubt helped along by the earlier multiple ibuprofen doses.

That was the difference, she supposed, between a normal period and one on anticoagulants. Normally, that blood would slowly seep from her body over two or three days. But without the clotting factor that would slow the process down, everything that coated the lining of her uterus was expelled pretty much in one fell swoop, the contractions pushing it forcibly from her.

All that mattered now was that the pain was gone. For good, it seemed. The pain had exhausted her. She needed a nap.

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