Saturday, August 18, 2007

bogo bogo no no

So over on fella's blog, he was talking about clutter and I mentioned living in a small apartment, which meant getting rid of something in order to bring something new in. He asked if that included my shoes, and I said yes, but not on a one-to-one basis.

Then at dinner with friends (a munch for you kinky people), the subject of shoes came up, and it was decided that I have a shoe fetish. Yup. No argument here.

Unfortunately though, I've reached the stage of shoe ownership in which I will indeed have to perform a one-to-one pair exchange if I want to bring new ones in. That stage happened today. No surprise there, it's bogo. Yes, I know I should not have been shopping when my budget is so damned tight. What can I say? At least the bills are paid.

I actually bought a pair of flats today, believe it or not. But they were just too cute not to.

And I picked up two handbags.

I bought these during the last bogo, also for fall. Remember during the 80's disco era, when clear acrylic heels were all the rage? Anyway, I can't wait to wear them.

These are my only claim to anything designer. They are Anne Klein, and I picked them up at Marshall's for $20. As you can perhaps see just under the toes, designer shoes get scuffed and rundown just like payless shoes.

Just to put this into perspective, look at the shelves of shoes below (photo taken before my most recent purchase). I just added a shelf unit a couple of weeks ago, and I can add no more shelves to my 'tower.' You see that second shelf of shoes from the top...the one with the red suede heels on the left? Well, the top of my head reaches almost to that second shelf. I have to look up to see the top two shelves, and I have to stretch a bit to reach the top one. If I were to add another set of shelves, I wouldn't be able to reach the damned things.

I think I'll save the discussion about my handbag fetish for another day. Hee hee.


jenny14 said...


Lovely shoes! The sacrifices we sometime must make LOL


Anonymous said...

One of my best friends in the world and I always get excited together about shoes and handbags... and we also have a commonality when it comes to our mothers.... and how they can say exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Like for instance... my friend is a big woman and her mother is a petite woman... and her mom told her that big women always like handbags and shoes!!! It made us both laugh, because we both love them, and we both could stand to lose a few pounds!!!

I'm positive, you are in great shape... as the images of you lately have shown. But I just couldn't help but leave you this comment... in honor of mother's who know how to push buttons everywhere... an oh, how they know!!!


ladyk73 said...

Oh my god!!!! I love shoes and bags (and clothes, and plants, and pretty sparkly things).

However, I am a clutz in heels. I have a sexy pair of black boots though! :oP
I have a fondness for summer sandles, Hippie shoes, punk shoes, and groovy active shoes. I have a pair of shoes that look like I stole from a bowling alley. I love them, my friends (and MOM!!!) make fun of me when I wear them.

fella at work said...

The Anne Kleins are very sexy. Note the black trim on the inside where you'll never see it when the heels are in use? smiles.