Monday, July 16, 2007

now *that's* the way to get a job!

So I took rugrat to the mall by her school Saturday to look for part-time jobs. Her current job as camp counselor will end after the first week in August, and she doesn't want a break in her income.

The plan was to pick up apps at a bunch of stores, fill them out over lunch, and take them all back completed and with a resume attached.

So she goes into one store to get an app, and the clerks at the counter are busy ringing up purchases, so she stands a bit to the side, out of the way, till a clerk is free. While she's standing there, a customer comes up with some jewelry she's thinking of buying, and asks rugrat what she thinks.

Rugrat responds genuinely that 'it was cute and she looked great.' After all, the store is one of the ones she likes to shop at, and she knows the merchandise. And the woman bought the items. What rugrat didn't know was that one of the employees at the counter was the hiring manager.

Nothing was said about what rugrat did, she just asked for the job app and left. But when we went back an hour or so later, the hiring manager was still there. So when rugrat handed over the completed app with resume, the hiring manager spoke with her and did a brief interview on the spot.

And then she gave rugrat her business card, shook her hand, and told her to call back on Sunday so that she could find out what her training schedule is!

So, apparently all you need to do to get a job is sell the store's merchandise right in front of the person who does the hiring!

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