Monday, July 30, 2007

I had a date saturday night

Ha! Made you look. I had a date with the rugrat. Things have been just as crazy for her the last couple of weeks as they have been for me.

Think about it -- she's 17, we live clear across the country from every other relative, her boyfriend of a year and a half is here, as is her chance for a specialized high school fashion design program (not a lot of those in Washington State). And mom is in the hospital, and may never leave it. What's a girl to do? She would wind up living with her older brother if something happened to me, which would mean moving away from everything here that she's known since she was 8 years old.

Well, despite how she may have been feeling, she really stepped to the front on this one. Brought me odds and ends I needed for the hospital, visited every day, bought me dinner in the cafe downstairs so I wouldn't have to eat the hospital meals, brought me magazines and wordsearches when I was bored silly.

My last full day at the hospital, she took the bus to visit me for dinner. We sat together over my bedside table, and after dinner, she crawled up into bed next to me and we lay together watching a sitcom and doing a wordsearch puzzle.

When I came home the next day, she had tried to be sure some of my least favorite tasks had been done. She'd done the dishes, vaccuumed, and mopped the kitchen floor. Granted she had piles of her own junk laying around all over, but she had done the things I hated the most.

She confessed this morning, after a few days of light bulbs burning out this weekend for no apparent reason, that she'd kept every light in the apartment on while I was gone because she was scared to be alone in the dark.

I blogged a week or two ago about her getting a second job. She had a (day) camp counselor job from 9 am to 3 pm, and she had been looking for pt job to replace it when it ended. She is doing a 2-week trial at a shop in a mall, one she wanted. It's under the table, she's not even on the employee list, until she completes the 2 weeks and they decide if they want to keep her. But last Friday, she put in a 12 hour day between the two jobs: 9-3 at camp, a quick wash-up and drive to white plains, and 4-10 pm at the hopefully new job. And she didn't get a break at either job.

So I told her we'd go see a movie Saturday, after work (yes, she put in a 6 day work week between the two jobs). We hadn't seen Harry Potter yet, so we got junk to eat and watched the movie. Then we came home and she asked me to watch another movie with her -- something called Daddy's Little Girls I think. I didn't think much of it, but it clearly had meaning for her, so I didn't say anything negative about the movie. We sat together on the sofa till it was over.

Sunday her reward was a major driving session. She needs to get driving-ready quickly for that new job, and we couldn't drive last weekend while I was out of commission. So yesterday, she drove us clear to kmart, back down to yonkers, and over to her boyfriend's house so they could see the simpsons movie. She's a good driver, I didn't panic once the whole time, lol. The goal is to have her driver-ready when school starts, so she can go straight from school to work, and then home, and I won't have to go out late on work nights to pick her up when the bus doesn't run.

My rugrat is turning into quite the young woman.


fellahere said...

can I just say 'good post'?

Pooh said...

Way to go rugrat! I'm speechless! :)

Infinitesimal said...

Good Job MOM!!

I had those IV bruises two years ago, they are so unsightly aren't they?

I was so embarrassed that I wore lacy Madonna-esque gloves whenever I went out.

I bet you dislike the attention that they draw at work huh?

But actually, in the photo your hands look like they are going back to normal soon, they look kinda tannish... It takes about a month for the last vestiges to vanish.

So, i am glad you pulled through, bloodclots in both arms sound horrible.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Can you explain what a qwerty keyboard is?