Monday, July 16, 2007

don't know if I should laugh or cry

I just made an emergency appointment with my primary care doc. You see, I had that MRI about three weeks ago, 'with contrast,' which means an injection of dye.

The injection site was the inside of my elbow. The injection itself went well, I barely felt a thing, except for the coldness of the dye as it entering my blood stream.

But the next day, I began having a bit of pain around the injection site. No bruising, or redness, or heat that would indicate an infection. Just an achy sort of pain.

I let it go, because I assumed it was just an internal bruising or something.

But it kept getting worse, instead of better. Major pain when I tried to move my arm, and the pain moving from just above the injection site to further and further up my arm. And a certain 'hardness' to the muscle in the arm, even when not flexed. It didn't hurt constantly, as in 24/7, but it hurt often enough to not forget it easily, and to try pampering that arm when it came to lifting or other work.

Last week, I called the place that did the MRI, and they connected me with one of the techs who does injections. She asked a lot of questions, but my answers didn't apparently provide her with any clues. She told me that if it didn't go away, I could see my regular doc if that would give me some peace of mind.

Yesterday AM, I woke up to serious pain in that arm that radiating all the way up to my shoulder and halfway down my lower arm. In the inside of my elbow, there was a suspicious lump that hadn't been there before, right at the spot where one of the big veins are that are used for blood draws and injections. I don't know if it's the one he used, as I have two really good veins there.

It was horribly painful most of the day, and I considered going to the emergency room 'cause the lump had me scared. But it started feeling a bit better, so I let it go.

This morning, the lump seems worse, and there seems to be a lump further up my arm in a really sore spot. And the whole upper arm muscle just seems to be one mass of aching muscle. And there seem to be flickers of numbness on the body side of my shoulder joint.

So, I'm headed to the doc. God I hope this is nothing.


UPDATE: So, my blood pressure is a bit high (not surprising, since I've been in pain); my ekg was ok; the lumps (yes, there's more than one) have been confirmed by the doc; I get a blood workup in the morning; and I get an ultrasound on my arm as soon as I can schedule it. That's all for now.


jenny14 said...


Good idea to get it checked properly. It sounds like it could be either an infection or a clot

Hope nothing serious and you get better soon


jenny14 said...


I meant to ask - how were the results of the MRI? I hope you have not had any more of those "turns" or wahtever they were labelled


Spring said...

Hiya jenny! I won't know about the MRI, 'cause first I have to get the EEG (this Thursday), then I go back to the doc next week to get my results and figure out where to go from there.