Monday, June 11, 2007

like i had nothing better to do at this moment

A small sample of what I recently added to my music wish list at B & N. I was in a mood, looking back at some artists I had back when we still bought albums. I was heavy into rock then, and didn't know anything but what we now call 'classic' rock existed.

I like compilations, so I went for newer compilations that have been remastered. Who knows when/if I'll get them. Perhaps I can find some of the songs online for free, who knows.

Singles Collection: The London Years (Remastered)
The Rolling Stones

Ultimate Collection
Uriah Heep

The Essential Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Born to Run [30th Anniversary Edition]
Bruce Springsteen

The Definitive Collection
Humble Pie

Frampton Comes Alive!
Peter Frampton

Greatest Hits Live
Billy Squier


Eddie & The Cruisers [Original Soundtrack]
John Cafferty

The Return of Bruno
Bruce Willis


fellahere said...

"I don't need no doctor(live)" by Humble Pie is a really really extra great song.

tman said...

BRUCE WILLIS????????????????

Spring said...

I do like humble pie. :)

I wondered if anyone would notice the bruce. I bought the album back when I still had a crush on him from moonlighting, compounded by the first die hard movie. Of course it isn't his voice so much, but the choice of songs that's good. I want it more as a reminder of the past.