Friday, June 29, 2007

the donut girl

She dropped her kid off at work in the morning and drove her car to the shop for some repairs. Well, after a pit stop at the grocery for some chocolate donuts and a People rag mag.

She could be doing anything this morning. Work on her dissertation, a trip to the local library, a walk on the aqueduct trail.

Instead, she's eating donuts, drinking milk, and reading the magazine. Watching the telly and napping. By the time she picks up her car, she will have eaten an entire box of donuts (eight in all) and drank at least two glasses of milk. That box of donuts will be her breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And she'll be taking something for a very upset tummy.

Eventually she'll get up and shower, wash her hair. Fix herself up a bit. Hoping the whole time that the cost of the car repairs are minimal. We'll see.

For now, she reaches for another donut. Two more to go.

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