Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I packed my bags last night pre-flight; zero hour 9 PM

I packed last night for my overnight tonight at the sleep clinic. Since I'm taking the train straight from work to the city tonight, then back to work tomorrow morning, I had to pack a change of work clothes, a few toiletries, makeup, etc to prepare for work. But I had to put it all in a small enough bag to carry to work and on the train. So no hair dryer or anything like that.

I've been trying not to drink anything all day, 'cause once they have me hooked up, I can't really trot off to the bathroom to pee. So I'm feeling slightly dehydrated at the moment.

I apparently may not get to shower and shampoo the sticky goo from the electrodes out of my hair. There are showers, but they are in the public restrooms. This is in a small building that is mainly psychiatry offices, and the other docs don't care to have someone showering in the restroom when their clients are coming in.

If we can finish the test before office hours begin, I may be able to shower. Except that I really don't want to shower in a public restroom anyway, so if I can't wash my hair in the sink, I'll have to cover my head with a scarf and hop the train back to work tomorrow morning.

My last task before I get to the clinic this evening is to find a scarf that will cover my hair and still look semi-professional, so that I can work tomorrow with sticky hair.

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