Wednesday, May 23, 2007

brain salad surgery

When you have unexplained periods of time for which you cannot account

But you were fully functioning during the time periods in question

And when you have a history that includes a serious fight with viral encephalitis 20 years ago

And you are referred by a major doc in pulmonary medicine

To a major doc in neurology

You'd sort of think that the neurologist's secretary could find an appointment time

Earlier than fucking JULY!!!!

Ok, I take it back. She got me in to see his colleague, who is a specialist re: epilepsy, and who can determine if these blackouts are actually seizures. June 6.


knight said...

So of Emerson Lake or Palmer, which one is the Doc, and which one the colleague? ;->

Anonymous said...

An MRI, if you haven't already had one, could tell you a lot.
it sounds like petit mal seizures.
You might have to do eeg video monitoring to find out for sure- a week in the hospital hooked up to an eeg machine 24/7. I also had encephalitis in my past and the seizure I had they were able to link back to that infection. The tests are annoying but not as bad as worrying about brain tumors and hemorrages and other horrible things. Good luck.

Infinitesimal said...

good luck on your appointment the day after tomorrow, I had some scares with MRI's and referrals and brain doctors and Brain tumors??? EEGs and such, but, it turned out to be headaches, really bad headaches that present as tumoresqe. Migraines are brain seizures, did you know that?

Maybe they will put you on some Gabepentin, that's what I take, the anti brain seizure medicine.

I think even tho it is very scary and I understand that fear of the unknown, I think it will be OK.

Hope So.