Tuesday, April 10, 2007

the motherfucking dissertation

The MFD -- well, the first half of it, the proposal, all 50 pages -- is done. I just emailed it to my committee.

Hopefully, any changes they want made will be minor, and not a major re-write like I just did.

If all goes well, I should be able to defend it late this month, or early next month.

Then I can do it all again for the second half (the data analyis, reporting the findings, and discussing the implications).

Anyway, for the next week or so, I actually have nothing to do, while they read it.

I was thinking about reading something for fun; but it needs to be lighthearted and easy, nothing deep or intellectual. More like brain candy, in the way that the telly is eye candy.

And other than that, lots of sleep.

It feels sort of...anticlimactic.

I can't even have that last corona to celebrate, not at this time of night.

Sleep, sleep, sleep...

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