Thursday, March 01, 2007


So, the position at the urban community college...the one I interviewed for last Saturday? They called today to tell me I was one of the three who made it to the next round. Next Friday, I interview with the President and Senior Vice President.


Anonymous said...


Spring said...

It's funny, I'm so excited about this, and not the least bit nervous like I was about that other job.

infinitesimal said...

good job

good luck with Senor El Presidente (on a steek)

*remember that comic who had a jalapeno doll and everything including the doll was "on a stick" (on a steek)*????

if jou do get nervous, youst imajen hem on a steek!

WistfulWench said...

Yay you!!!!!

Spring said...

lol infini, and thanks.

Thanks wistful!

infinitesimal said...

way to go in the diss, sux about the vacation day and car, and why is nobody commenting?

maybe it's because you have to go through 2 steps... the click
the post a comment click
and then the word verification...

ah well, i just came by to catch up.

can't even imagine writing a diss.

can barely do my grad homework right!