Wednesday, March 21, 2007

when the hell did my freckles become age spots, anyway?

I was a freckle-faced, green-eyed, strawberry blonde when I was a toddler. As I grew, my hair darkened to a cross between brunette and auburn.

But I kept the freckles and green eyes (or turquoise eyes, as DominaDelight would say).

And the freckles were almost everywhere. If the sun kissed my skin, the result was a freckle (when it wasn't a burn).

I have freckles in much fewer places these days, as I'm not running around in swimsuits, shorts, and short tops.

But still, my face, neck, and arms are full of them.

I use moisturizers with sunscreen, and that prevents a burn, but it doesn't stop the freckles.

I've pretty much grown accustomed to them, and I rather like them now (I hated them as a teen). Although since I'm not fully exposed to the sun any longer, it looks funny to see them some places, but not others.

The problem is, some of those cute little freckles are starting to expand. To become slightly larger. To look more like unsightly age spots.

A couple on my cheeks around my eyes.

And the back of my left hand.

Not huge, not at all. Probably not even noticeable by people who don't see me up close regularly.

But I see it. I know. And it bothers me as much as the grey roots that I cover every month.

I bought some fade cream at the store last night. I thought I'd dab it on the larger spots with cotton swab, and see if that faded them out.

The freckles I love.

The age spots have got to go.

(I think you can see the freckles in this photo, taken about a year and a half ago. It won't stay up for long.)


infinitesimal said...

you look so young...

Spring said...

Thanks infini. I wouldn't look so young, though, if I let my grey hair grow out, lol.