Saturday, March 31, 2007

an update, of sorts

On the job front, I think I mentioned that my advisor would play teaching reference for me. Well, I had thought that the senior vp would speak with my advisor on Monday, but it didn't happen. The advisor wasn't returning the svp's phone call. So I told the svp (when she called me Tuesday) that I would send the advisor an email that night and see if that helped.

Well, it helped in that the advisor replied to my email. Seems she wanted to speak with me before speaking with the svp. Now that scared me, because I immediately thought it must mean there was a problem with the student evaluations of my teaching. But no, seems she just didn't feel she knew me well enough, and she wanted to speak with me about who I am personally -- sort of a mini-interview -- and I sent her my CV as well. We spoke on Wednesday, and she said she would call back the svp after that.

The svp, when I spoke with her Tuesday, said that pending her discussion with the advisor, they were prepared to make me an offer. So that means that as long as there's nothing derogatory in the student evals of my teaching, and assuming the advisor actually speaks with the svp, I have a job. But I'm not counting my chickens till they're hatched.

Anyway, I didn't hear from anyone for the rest of the week, so I am in a holding pattern till further notice.


On the rugrat front, this past week, her teacher started paying a bit more attention to her and providing a little bit of help when asked. Not as much as she does for the other students, but at least there was a noticeable improvement. I think the counselors must have spoken with her. At any rate, even that little bit of help from the teacher meant that rugrat turned her project (the skirt) in on time. Funny how that happens when the teacher actually helps the student, isn't it?!


On the MFD front, no progress. I don't know quite why I've been so resistant this weekend, but I'm hoping I can get a few hours in tomorrow. On the positive side, I have five days off for easter break (hey, it's a catholic college, and I'll take days off whereever I can get them), so I'm hoping I can get the proposal complete by the end of the break.


The first day of easter break is devoted to painting the living room. It's the only room in the house that hasn't been 'done' yet, and I've been waiting for this time off to deal with it. Turns out it will be a day that rugrat, her boyfriend, and a girlfriend will all be there, so I should have some help. Well, at least from her bf -- he's very nice, and very helpful.


And last but not least, aren't these shoes incredible?!

And they're mine, all mine! Yep, for a mere $17.99 plus tax, I walked away from Payless with these this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job offer!


those shoes are awesome *smile*