Saturday, March 24, 2007


I want to rage
I want to scream
Until my throat is raw
And bleeding
Until I can speak
No longer
And simply stare
In empty silence

I want to laugh
Chortle, guffaw
Roll on the floor with laughter
Until my ribs ache
And my nose runs
And I cannot breathe

I want to cry
Tears streaming
Down my face
Into my mouth
Dropping to the floor
And flooding the earth
With their salty wetness

I want to bury myself
Inside someone
Or them inside of me
Until it is impossible to tell
Where one ends
And the other begins

I want to hear the waves
Gently pounding
In the distance
The smell of salt
And fish
Carried in on the breeze
The soft sand
Falling away
Underneath my feet

I want to hit someone
Strike them
Hurt them
Until they cry out
Battered, broken and bleeding
And beg me to stop
And I consider
And perhaps I do
And perhaps I don’t

I want to feel the sun
Warm my skin
The breeze ruffle my skirt
And caress my legs underneath
The grass tickle between my toes
The perfume of wildflowers
Tease my nose

I want to touch your skin
Run my finger down your body
Just my finger
From the tip of your toes
Up and up and up
To your lips
And then perhaps follow the same path
With my tongue

I want to sit before the fire
Bundled warmly
Against the cold
The aroma of cocoa
And raspberry
And whipped cream
Rising to greet me
In the steam
From the heavy mug
Cupped in my hands

I want to close my eyes
Stretch my arms open wide
Twirl round and round
Until I am dizzy
And fall gently
And gracefully
To the ground
And sigh contentedly


Infinitesimal said...

oh this is good, it is alive and you should do more of them i think.

good job you.

Spring said...

Thanks! I've let the MFD suck the life out of me, but I can't keep it up. There will be more...