Thursday, March 29, 2007

this is one of those 'worst mom in the world' moments

I think I mentioned that rugrat had been complaining about tooth pain; it started right after the holidays. And after reading this, I decided to get her there as quickly as I could.

We haven't been to the dentist in over four years, despite having insurance. Lots of excuses, of course: cost of copays (I spent $100 on these fillings), I'd have to take time off work, having to change dentists 'cause of insurace requirements. But none of them very good reasons. Especially when you consider that I had insurance, and the mom in that story didn't.

A week or two ago, I took her in and she had two not-too-bad cavities filled. Yesterday, I took her in to get a bigger cavity filled. Turns out it was a bad one, deep. Close to the nerve. He said the nerve would be protesting the work done for a week or two, but if the pain keeps up after that, she may need a root canal.

All because I didn't take her to the dentist when I should have.

Yup, I'm feeling all kinds of guilty mom syndrome right about now.

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