Tuesday, March 06, 2007

still going strong

I managed to find 6 good articles yesterday from my search, and I sat up and read three of them last night. Basically, I went home, had dinner, then took a nap. Otherwise, I knew I'd fall asleep reading.

The good news in terms of the diss is that I found a great article in a solid econ journal that points out the major flaws in one welfare study that is used as the standard for all welfare to work programs. It'll be awesome to have that to follow the other review -- a good balanced view.

I actually found myself last night getting a bit excited about this diss, which is new for me. In the past, all it's been is something I have to do to finish the Ph.D. Perhaps the new feelings are because I now have a sense of direction with this thing, which I didn't really have before. Now, it all seems to be coming together, and I'm more positive, I think it's doable, and I think I'll have the proposal done on time.

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