Thursday, March 15, 2007

there are worse things I could do

A friend treated me to a dinner theatre tonight. Her boyfriend is in the orchestra, and she sometimes gets complimentary passes -- and I'm always grateful as hell when she invites me to share the experience. The current show is Grease. Seeing the stage version made it clear just how much the movie version catered to Olivia Newton-John as the star.

But, my favorite Grease character is Rizzo (Stockard Channing does Rizzo best, in my humble opinion). I love her tough but vulnerable character. I think what draws me to her is that all the people around her fail to see past her exterior to the depths that lie beneath.

Rizzo's solo is also my favorite song from the movie/stage production. The words really speak to me.

The Worst Thing I Could Do

There are worse things I could do,
Than go with a boy or two.
Even though the neighborhood thinks
I'm trashy,
And no good,
I suppose it could be true,
But there are worse things I could do.

I could flirt with all the guys,
Smile at them and bat my eyes.
Press against them when we dance,
Make them think they stand a chance,
Then refuse to see it through.
That's a thing I'd never do.

I could stay home every night,
Wait around for Mr. Right.
Take cold showers every day,
And throw my life away,
On a dream that won't come true.

I could hurt someone like me,
Out of spite or jealousy.
I dont steal and I dont lie,
But I can feel and I can cry.
A fact I'll bet you never knew.
But to cry in front of you,
That's the worse thing I could do.

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infinitesimal said...

Yeah, Stockard was the best part of that film for sure!