Thursday, February 15, 2007

on the job front

So, first, the dog-and-pony-show didn’t happen. It didn’t happen because I cancelled. Remember, this is the job that I initially cancelled on the second interview because it wasn’t feeling right, it was a two-hour one-way commute, etc. To back out gracefully, I had told them that I wouldn’t have my dissertation done in time to start on July 1 as they wanted. Well, they called me back and said they’d be willing to wait for me to start September 1 if I could finish the diss in August. I felt so guilty hearing that they were willing to work with me that I agreed to go ahead with the interview after all.

However, they called me last Thursday (the interview was this Tuesday) to let me know that in addition to the interactive presentation I had to give and the group interview following that, I also had to stay in the city after the interview, until they’d finished three more interviews. Then I was to take a taxi to Staten Island for an evening interview with some students. Given that I was on public transport, it would have been midnight before I got back home. Basically, I was feeling very stressed about this uni and the whole process, sort of like there were red flags that I couldn’t quite identify, but I could feel them all the same. As a friend said, ‘if you have to keep talking yourself into it, then it isn’t right for you.’

But my other interview, yesterday (yes, I had an interview on valentine's day) went great! A smallish public college, with a brand new master’s program in my field (and an established undergrad program). Five faculty and the director interviewed me. I felt comfortable with them all, and there was enough head-nodding from the faculty that I knew I was right on in most of my responses to their questions.

On a funny note, yesterday was our big storm, so the roads were horrendous, and floors were slippery. I walked into the building and promptly slid on my heeled ankle boots (but they looked so good, lol). I went down hard on one knee, and I now have a bruise on the knee and pulled muscles on the front of my leg just above my knee. Luckily, no one who was interviewing me saw it, and the one student who did see had just about fallen coming in his door, so he was very sympathetic and asked if I were alright. What a grand entrance, huh!

And more good news, I received a call last week from the community college I applied to, and I have an interview scheduled with them on the 24th (yes, it’s a Saturday, but who am I to complain – I’ll take them however I can get them). Even the community college would be a great start – I’d get more teaching experience, and after a couple of summers spent writing and getting published, I might be able to find something more up my alley then. Although I have to say, students attending community colleges deserve a decent education too. There’s a part of me, with my advocacy stance regarding the low-income with limited college access, which says I shouldn’t be at all ashamed of teaching in a CC. So who knows, maybe I’d stay there.

Now I have to get back to trying to write that thank you email to yesterday’s interviewers. I find the thank you note to be particularly challenging, and I hate doing them, but know I have to.

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