Wednesday, February 07, 2007

on the job front

Well, now I have THREE job interviews this month!!!

I had the one telephone interview with the distance learning college, and then I decided to beg out of the running, because it was clear I wouldn't be able to finish the dissertation before July 1, which was the unusual start date for that position. I wasn't too concerned, because it was far enough away to require a nearly two hour one-way commute.

Then another four year college, more local, called to schedule an interview for the 14th.

Then the first college, that I'd begged out of, called and convinced me to keep my interview with them on the 13th. They said that if I could finish the diss in August, they could start me September 1 if I were to be hired. So against my better judgment, I said yes. After all, they were so accommodating, I thought -- how could I say no.

But today I spoke with the rep from the first college, the one I had planned to drop. It seems that I am supposed to plan a 30 minute interactive presentation for the first half of the interview, then stick around in the city until after they've finished all the interviews (which won't be till about 7 pm), then head for Staten Island to meet with students from the college that night. I just think that's way too much, and I'm going to bow out again.

Also today, I've heard from the community college I applied to, which is also closer to home geographically than the first college. That interview is on the 24th (yes, that's a Saturday).

I have the other two interviews to fall back on, and either would be a good fit for me. I'm just worried about looking 'flaky' to the first college if I beg off a second time.

After work I'm headed to the mall to find an interview suit. I haven't needed one for almost five years, and that was when I was 30 pounds heavier, so my old suit is now at goodwill. I hope I can find one that isn't too pricy.

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