Saturday, February 24, 2007

last chance saloon

I can count on one hand the people who still read this blog: pooh, hotchic, curious, wistful, and infini. Thanks for sticking around, ladies.

I had my final job interview today -- it was the one for the 'premier urban community college.' I think I like this place the best, believe it or not. It doesn't matter to me if it's a community college and not 'prestigious.' I suppose, though, that since I really want this one, my luck will run counter to my desires. Ain't that always the way it is.

At least they're going to make a decision soon about who goes to the next round, so I don't have to wait on pins and needles for long. I should know by the middle of the week. They're going to pick the three top candidates, and those candidates will be interviewed by the VP and another top official at the college. There doesn't seem to be a presentation phase at this college like there is with others, which I like. Those presentations are major high stress.

Now I have to get a thank you letter out, and I think I'll have to do it via email, because snail mail won't get it there before a decision is made. I'll write one up and email it tomorrow.

Other than that, I'm taking a vacation day Monday, and the next two days are intended to try to get some serious dissertation work done. I really hope I can buckle down and get focused.


WistfulWench said...

You picked a good day to be off! I'm hearing about all the school closings and delayed openings and just decided to work from home today. As my old boss used to say, I won't get a purple heart for showing up in the office! lol

I've got my fingers crossed for you, sweetie. You will get this job!

Pooh said...

Well congrats on the interview! Hopefully it will work out in your favor.

jenny14 said...


I still come here just not daily

Hope you just get the job you want and that makes you happiest


Spring said...

hi wistful, it turned out the weather wasn't that bad. I hope I get this job, too.

pooh, hello, we need to work in a movie sometime soon -- it's been awhile. Hope it works out, too.

jenny, hello! I just figured that once I started copying posts on alt, that no one from there would come here anymore. Thanks for visiting. I'm crossing my fingers on the job.