Friday, January 26, 2007

spring is sprung (aka shoes, shoes, shoes!)

According to Payless Shoes anyway. They keep showing PL commercials for the new spring collections, at 30% off. And me with no money for shopping! It's killing me, I tell ya!

But that's ok, cause I'll have my W2 by the 31st, my tax return electronically submitted on the 1st, and my return direct deposited a week later.

Then, my friends, it will be shopping time, oh yes, it will.

I may get these:

I may even get a few handbags:

The problem, though, will be fitting them here:

I suppose I'll just have to buy a new section of shelf space, won't I?! Wonder how high they can go?


jenny14 said...

Hello fellow shopaholic :D

I especially like the third pair of shoes - but then I WOULD! LOL

I agree - hard choices and having the lot would be really nice


Spring said...

Yes, I like that third pair the best, too. *sighs* What is it about me and shoe shopping anyway???

infinitesimal said...

Ohhhhhh Girrrrrrl!

I got my boots back!!!

5 eyeholes on each side


a split in the back


to the knee
and beyond

and the dude charged me 15 bucks to turn these boots into my favorite pair of footwear EVER!!!!!!!!

Oh, I MUST take photos, I feel so PURTY!!

they are seriously BETTER theis way

infinitesimal said...

THIS way... sorry