Sunday, November 26, 2006

no more sleeping on the floor

Wooo hooo! My bed arrived yesterday morning, bright and early. It's definitely bottom of the line, nothing thick and plush, but it's good enough for me. I'll probably add on a topper at some point in the future. It's too big to get a shot of the whole bed in the confines of my room, but here's one view:

The 'headboard' is an inexpensive asian screen that is designed to show candle light through the plastic panels. I mounted it to the wall with clear plastic mounts (the kind used for mirrors). I just need to find a way to permanently attached glass candle holders so that I don't have to worry about bumping the screen and a candle falling onto the bed.

Here's a view straight on:

It'll take some getting used to, after 16 years with the old bed. And I need to get a set of satin sheets as soon as possible. I prefer the smoothness of satin to even the 400 thread count egyptian cotton sheets I have. But both sets of sheets are for a queen, not a king.

The two small pillows on the bed: the green one came from Ybor City in Tampa during a trip there a few years ago; the maroon one came from Tijuana, Mexico, during a trip to Los Angeles a year and a half ago (we drove down to MX).

As long as I was taking photos, I took this one, too:

Yep, the shoes I'm always talking about, along with handbags and boots. And, I did go back and get the red ones:

And a pair of boots, too:

Yes, they were BOGO!


onehotchic said...

I love the way that the screen looks behind the bed!

Sweet Dreams!

Ladyk73 said...

Giggles.....You have a shoe fetish!

Spring said...

hotchic, I'm really pleased with how it turned out. It was a bit of a risk, but a worthwhile one.

ladyk, no kidding, a major shoe fetish. I am limited only by my budget and storage space.

WistfulWench said...

It turned out beautifully!