Monday, November 06, 2006

it's a lovely day to gouge out your eyes, my dear

Well, that's what it felt like anyway.

The tests to be done to check for a detached retina required that my eyes be fully dilated. So, I showed up on time at the opthalmologist's only to sit and wait. Three sets of eye drops and nearly two hours later, I was finally examined.

The doc started with the same tests I get every year when I see the doc at costco. First with my chin in that contraption, looking just over her ear, while she peers into my eyes with a microscope. Then with the hand-held bright light right in front of my eye, as she looks inside my pupils. She was downright thorough, and didn't find a tear.

Next, she warned me, she had to press on my eyeballs. It wouldn't be painful exactly, but it would be very uncomfortable. She maneuvered the chair to make the back go down so she could lean over me. She put drops in my eyes to numb my eyeballs. And then I entered hell.

Why do docs always say it won't hurt, it will just be uncomfortable? Maybe they should have any procedure they're going to perform on a patient performed on themselves first.

What she had to do was force open my eyes, shine that bright light into them, and then slide her fingers into the sides of my sockets and press down hard on my eyeball, manipulating it so that she could find any possible tear. And while she was at it, I had to turn my eyeballs to look in whatever direction she said: up and right, down and left, straight up, straight right. After about 20 minutes of this torture, she finally decided there was no tear.

Then she put my chair up and put me back on the microscope machine that I put my chin in -- the one we started with. And she found a white spot on my retina on the left eye -- the one that was causing problems.

Now, this spot could be serious, or it could be caused by high blood sugar, high blood pressure, or something else. So now I get the works in testing as we need to rule out other possibilities. She wrote a note to my gp, who I see on Thursday, and she wants the gp to check my blood pressure and request a blood workup. Great, a blood workup when I've been eating out of control and haven't been to the gym. It'll be a complete turnaround of the one in September.

And I go in next week for an angiogram. And then there's one more test, one that I think takes photos of my retinas.

I had to drive home with my eyes still pretty dilated. Hell, even now, 4 hours later, they are still partially dilated. And blood red, and tender and sore like you wouldn't believe. My vision is blurred, and I'm tired of laying down with my eyes closed to try to recuperate. I may be wearing glasses tomorrow. I'd take a photo if rugrat hadn't absconded with the digital again.

By the way, did you know that wearing contact lenses can cause scar tissue on your corneas? Apparently I have normal scarring on my right cornea, but excessive scarring on my left one, as though the lens I was wearing at some point was too tight. Interesting.


A Good Knights Journey said...

I was wondering from your previous post, about the fatigue in the afternoons, wether bloodsugar would be one of the issues. I'm a type two diabetic, and My vison will also change in regards to my sugar levels. if i keep the levels "even" vison is normal. but if they sway high and low, it takes a bit for the vision to adjust to the new level of sugar in the fluids of the eye. and the lack of energy, especially in the afternoon, could also be a sign of that as well.


Spring said...

Yeah, I would have thought about the blood sugar issue too, except that I got that under control almost two years ago now, through diet and exercise. My last blood workup in Aug/Sept was stellar, all levels normal for blood sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol.

I know that falling asleep at work is also a symptom of the sleep apnea (I have lots of other symptoms, too), so now that I've got the blood sugar under control, I'm going to get the apnea taken care of.

As for the eyes, my severe myopia makes the threat of a detached retina a part of every day life. I just hope to hell I don't have to go through that exam anytime soon. It was horrible!

lovelyand said...

ation yadda yadda 2 weeks ago, but there was no fingers in my eyes, the worst part was the way too bright light.

did you go into the egg thing and click on the button when you saw the dots show up?

anyways, the miracle II neutralizer takes down bloodsugar. it turns acid into alkaline (blood). Acid system being the cause of disease... I sent you the email with aLL THE links yeah?
tell me if i forgot... that miracle II neutralizer is the bomb.... and I take a little bit of the blue soap and clean my contacts... rinse with saline, man, does that ever remove the debris. the soap you can brush your teeth with too. My mom takes a drop or so in water because it prevents parasites in the body... it's all non toxic. I hope you are digging on it?