Thursday, November 16, 2006

imagine, if you will

A fully dilated pupil, a flash digital camera, and blinding white light.

Searing pain, as that light hits your unprotected retina.

Over and over and over again.

Then being told to sit back and rest your eyes.

Opening your eyes, and seeing the world through a purple tinge.

The poke of the needle on the back of your hand.

Then more flashes, blue light this time, as the camera records the dye entering the vessels at the back of your eyes.

Forcing your eyes to open wide into the light, knowing the intense pain to come.

Flash after flash, you begin to anticipate the pain and blink too soon.

Thankfully, it is eventually over.

For a moment, you can see nothing but a white aura.

Then it clears, and you see the world blurred and through a yellow haze, courtesy of the dye.

Don't forget the brown and purple bruise on the back of your hand from the needle.

The tenderness of the bruise, as your hand brushes against objects.

That's a fluorescein angiogram.

For anyone who didn't know.


infinitesimal said...

yep, I had the dilation and brutal light (but no dye) last month, and after the neurology appointment I had Friday, had to schedule another appointment for more dilation and brutal light (not sure if there will be dye) next month.

But I thought of you in the neurologist office on Friday when she asked me (with a very serious concern) if I had ever had a time where I lost time, where I found myself in a differnt place without having any recollection of getting there, or what transpired during the period of lost time.

I am really glad you are getting checked out. I think that lost time thing is serious.

it still puzzles me how similar our lives are.
I hope you are doing OK.



Spring said...

Geez, wonder if my next stop is the neurologist? Did she ask about lost time in conjunction with eye issues, or something else?

Doing ok so far...