Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i have to laugh, or i'll cry

I just called the hospital to make an appointment for the sleep study. Guess when the next available appointment is. Take one guess.

My appointment is for May 10, 2007, at 1:30. Yep, May of '07. And it's the only center around here that is covered by my insurance.

Here I was thinking that now that I knew this problem was covered by my insurance I could get the help I need. Sure, I'll get the help. In seven freakin' months.

I sure hope I don't have another blackout before then.



infinitesimal said...

I'm pretty sure there are some specific suppliments that will address sleep apnea.

just google it and see. I cannot find that one email where i have the info I sent to my friend who tried it and it worked for her.

Spring said...

infini, thanks, but I don't think a supplement will help much this time. The apnea is due to an obstruction. I have a very severely deviated septum and I can't breath through my nose much at all (not even when I'm conscious and going about my day -- I'm a mouth-breather, lol).

I was diagnosed about 15 years ago. But the surgery was seen as elective at the time because it wasn't supposedly causing any other problems.

The reason I wanted this sleep study is that then the problem won't be seen as elective surgery, but required surgery because it will be documented that it's causing other, very severe problems.

They will then fix the problem, which is something that no ENT doc has been willing to do in the past.