Thursday, November 09, 2006

baby did a bad bad thing...again

They are just going to have to close that Payless shoe store down the street from campus. It's too damned tempting, especially after the freakin' week I've had.

I bought these:

And decided I liked them in this color, too:

They apparently also have it in red, which I love and may have to go back for:

And then found these, which look awesome on:

I really wanted these, too, but didn't think I had enough in the bank. I may have to go back for them, too:

I missed BOGO unfortunately. BOGO, for you non-Payless aficionados, is 'buy one get one half off.'

Sigh. What is it about shoes that makes me feel so good, anyway?


jenny14 said...

Hi Spring

Sorry have not commented lately but do check in from time to time :)

Anyhow, first up- hope there is no serious cause for the black-outs and hopefully your study will be before May next year!!

Next - hope the eyes are OK and good luck with the angiogram

Thirdly, as you can imagine, being a trannie, I LOVED the shoes especially the black and red ones

Otherwise, hope all is going reasonably well for you & rugrat

Your Aussie admirer and friend,


Curious_2b_sub said...

I like that last pair... figures, huh?!?


Your word verification never gives me as hard a time as fella's I just got vmjav

Ladyk73 said...

I just got some grooovvvvyyyy sneakers for payless....and they were "bogo"!

I admire anyone who can walk in heals like that...

fellahere said...

I was about to comment that my blog's word verification seems harder to me than anyone elses does but now I get dwfxsvaj.

WistfulWench said...

You know.... I watched a great movie last weekend and caught part of it again last night. It's called In Her Shoes (I think) and stars Cameron Diaz and Shirley McClain. It was a great movie! I thought of you when the sister pulled a pair of shes out of her closet and finally wore them....

Anyway.... I LOVE the shoes!

A Good Knights Journey said...

you're just saving up to one day make the world's largest "shoe-fly" pie aren't ya? ;->