Sunday, October 22, 2006

what are they thinking!

I put my students into an email group list to email them materials all at once. For some strange reason, I have started getting goofy junk emails from one of the students. For some strange reason, she added me to her address book, and she apparently forwards her favorite junk emails to everyone in her address book. What kind of students sends her prof junk email anyway!!!???

Today, a student accused me of being the one to give her the flu virus that she's been dealing with for three weeks. Granted I had that bad flu, but so did several other students in the class, by their own admission. And how does she know exactly where her virus came from? She could have been exposed anywhere. It's not like she's a hermit that never leaves her house. So now, everytime she starts hacking up a lung in class, I inwardly cringe because I know she's blaming me for her illness.

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