Monday, October 02, 2006

shoes, glorious shoes

I was commenting in a blog recently about my dilemma in shoe shopping. I can only afford Payless, as I've blogged before (I tried to find those posts, but the blogger search engine doesn't seem to be working), and generally when they are buy-one-get-one-half-off (or BOGO, as they call it).

My favorite type of shoe is the pointy-toed pump, mule, or slingback. But of course, those sizes are much more narrow in the ball of the foot. And I already have a wide foot as it is. So I have to go a half-size up as well as wide, and it is very slim pickings in a 9W for pretty shoes. Maybe that's partly why I grab shoes whenever I find them.

Rugrat counted my shoes a few weeks ago, and she counted 33 pair. That's counting, though, sneakers for workouts, sensible low-heeled ones, summer sandals, and winter shoes. That's not so bad, is it?

My biggest challenge now is that I need a pair of boots, and I want something that goes to my knee. But not only is it hard to find the boots in a 'W,' the damned things are slightly too tight on my calves, and I can't get them zipped up. Now, I'm only about 30 pounds overweight at this point, so it burns me that I still can't get into a knee boot. And I can't afford to go somewhere more expensive. So, I guess it's ankle boots for me again this winter. Sigh.

I did, though, find a gorgeous pair of slingbacks at Payless a week or so ago that I've received massive compliments on. And at 14.99, how could I not buy them? I guess that means I have 34 pairs now. Yeah, you can all say it. Shoe whore!


WistfulWench said...

Chadwick's has some GREAT boots, fairly inexpensive, and (ta-da) they fit on a larger calf! No zipper!

I only have three pairs.... Going to buy at least one or two more this winter!

I think they may even have the boots on their web site. If not, give me a buzz and I'll have them send you a catalog.

Spring said...

Thanks Wistful, I checked them out, and they have two styles that I like that come in a wide width. One I can afford now, one I'll have to wait on.

Yay! Boots! :D

infinitesimal said...

This is getting weird.
we have the same shoesize AND calf issues.
Try Burlington Coat Factory... if they have them in NY.

Also oddly enough, TARGET has good zipper boots (stretchy)