Monday, October 09, 2006

can I change my mind, please?

I'm not liking teaching so much right now. That one student who complained about my grading process to the dean outed herself in class when she made some lame-brained comment about how it wasn't right that everyone in class didn't have a chance for an 'A.' She's an obnoxious little woman who is driving her group nuts. And when she speaks in class, the other students all roll their eyes at her. But she's making my life hell. And so is the student who had the nerve to tell me that group work is an "undergrad" activity, and she's a grad student and a wife and a mother and doesn't have time for this "nonsense." I listened to her, shook my head and mmm-hmmm'ed, and then walked away. If she doesn't have the time for the work, she shouldn't have fucking signed up for the class.

On top of that, the dean emailed me to let me know that she withdrew four students from my class yesterday. She says they were advanced standing students who had had this course as an undergrad and they didn't have to take it, so they'll take another elective in the summer. But my question is, why did they sign up for the class in the first place then, and why did they stick around for four weeks before asking the dean to withdraw them.

And on top of those four, it seems that a few others may have dropped as well. It's like a mass exodus out of my class, and I've never seen anything like it. Granted I've only been teaching for four years, but in those four years, no one has ever complained about me to administration, and the only withdrawals I've ever had were the one or two that would withdraw after the first day of classes. I just don't get what's going on, but being the perfectionist who takes everything personally, it's really getting me down.

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