Thursday, October 26, 2006

and she couldn't tell me sooner?!

Met with my second committee member Tuesday afternoon. I don't disagree with her about anything, but a lot of it I didn't know was expected, never having done this before. I took lots of notes, but am so overwhelmed I haven't looked at them since the meeting.

I can make the changes she suggested, I know I can. But it will take time, and lots of it.

She went so far as to suggest I 'put aside' my current intro and lit review, and create a new outline given her suggestions. I am thinking that very little of what I already have will be usable if I create a new outline.

This is definitely doable (with time), but here's what chaps my hide: I copied this committee member every single time I sent a new draft to my chair for review. Over a six month period, she received three or four drafts. If she had bothered to read a single one of those drafts, she could have headed me off at the pass so to speak, steered me in the right direction, before I submitted a final draft. Just one draft was all she had to read to save me days, if not weeks, of re-rewrites.

That's what fucking pisses me off royally.

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