Friday, September 08, 2006


Class starts tomorrow afternoon. I'm excited to get back into the classroom after a year away.I didn't get all the cd's burned, partly because the cd's were bad (rugrat had left them lying around and they were all scratched -- I hadn't noticed) and partly 'cause my laptop cd drive isn't working very well anymore. Seems it wasn't really about the program I was using after all.

I bought new cd's on the way home tonight, and I'll burn them during the week on my work 'puter. It's just as well, since I found a few more articles I'd like to add to the information on the student disks. And they really don't need them the first day, the second week of class will be just fine.Here's to tomorrow. I've got a room full of students -- at least 30, and this is grad, not undergrad. Writing intensive. Which means I've got a freakin' lot of reading to do this semester.

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