Wednesday, September 27, 2006


A full-time faculty position opening came through my email inbox Monday. It's a college in the state university system, one that's known for its focus on nontraditional adult populations and distance learning. It's well respected, without being so high in prestige that I don't stand a chance of getting an interview. It's the perfect position for me, everything from their MA in social policy (that's my study and teaching area), to their focus on adult nontrad students (I was an adult nontrad student), to their diverse, lower income, working student body (who was in and out of welfare and poverty for years? yep, me).

Oh yeah, and did I mention, if I work in the state system, rugrat can go to any state school tuition free.

I'll put together my cv and a cover letter this weekend and email it out next Monday. They start their review of apps on October 13. Wish me luck, I'd really love to have this one.

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