Wednesday, September 13, 2006

lovin' it

Damn I really do love teaching. I was on a bit of a high after class friday. I especially loved the feeling of being back after over a year away. I didn't get the cd's done for the students for the first day -- a combination of some bad disks that rugrat had scratched beyond use, and my laptop's cd drive going belly up (but a new one's coming soon).

So I picked up a new batch of blank cd's, and I'm burning them at work (shhh!). They will have them this Saturday.First day, as is typical, there were a couple of students who panicked, telling me that policy is not their strong subject and they fear failure. So reassurances were forthcoming that I have no doubt they'll do well. And really, that's true: in my experience, the ones who are conscientious enough to verbalize their fear of failure tend to do pretty well in class. The ones who think they know everything are the ones who tend to do a bit poorly in my classes.

And then there are the liberal-leaning students who managed to pick the word 'conservative' out of the hat/bowl, and now are required to do all their assignments from the point of view of a conservative-leaning nonprofit. One student was very pessimistic about her ability to do the assignments from a conservative point of view. I just kept smiling and encouraging her, telling her I had total confidence in her. She emailed me later to apologize for not being more open-minded.

I'm already excited for the next class. :)

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