Friday, September 01, 2006

jobs, jobs, jobs

It's no secret really that I would love to teach full-time if I had the chance. And the director of our doctoral program is very good about sending out via email any teaching opportunities that he hears of.

And I probably stand a pretty good chance of getting a ft position -- in North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, or Rhode Island, which are some of the areas hiring in my field for next fall. But I can't afford to relocate, and even if I could, I like where I am -- I don't want to move. And neither does the rugrat.

But I live in a competitive, urban area, and all the programs around here can choose from the best of the best of the faculty out there. Everyone wants to live and work here. And although I've been teaching successfully as an adjunct for three years (starting my fourth), I have not published. And I've been out of my field (social policy) for a few years, mainly because I needed a job that wouldn't interfere so much with my doctoral studies. So I don't have the most current experience in the field; I'm not as 'competitive' as others in terms of recent experience. Saying I spoke before a Senate Committee that included Hilary herself, for example, doesn't mean much when they find out it was five years ago.

I would consider starting at a community college (really, it's about the teaching for me), but at the CC level, social work is oriented to human services, and policy courses aren't a part of the curriculum.

So I'm really up the proverbial creek without a paddle. I'm not particularly confident that I'll find something local. Even if I play the former poverty-level welfare recipient turned Ph.D. card, I don't know how much it's worth out there.


All this work, for what? I'm not sure.

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