Monday, September 18, 2006

guilt and the light

So I spent Thursday with the new 'puter.

And Friday went to various errands.

Friday night to prep for Saturday class.

So by Saturday eve, I was feeling really guilty about getting nothing done. I spent Saturday night reviewing the three stats classes -- class handouts, my notes, homework assignments -- so that Sunday I could write the data analysis plan section. I think I have it done, but I'm not sure. It's one section that I haven't seen a sample of in terms of dissertation expectations, so I'm going on instinct. I also put a little more work into the variables section, and it looks pretty darned good.

Still to do:
~section on relevance to the profession

And some touch ups on:
~theoretical framework
~lit review (a couple more paragraphs)
~making sure the references sync with the citations in the proposal, since I couldn't afford EndNotes

Taking off this Thursday/Friday as well. Should have final draft to committee on Monday, September 25.

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