Sunday, September 17, 2006

a conversation

Me: Honey, did you get a letter from Dr. V--- recently about your test?
RR: No, but I got a phone call from her a while ago.
Me: What did she say?
RR: I don't know, I didn't really listen to it, why?
Me: Because I already got my test results, and I wondered why you hadn't gotten yours. I worry about things like that.
RR: Oh, sorry, I didn't think about it.
Me: Well, when your phone is charged, would you please listen to the message and tell me what it says?


Me: Sweetie, did you listen to your phone message from the doctor?
RR: Yes, she said I need to get another one of those tests.
Me: You mean the biopsy?
RR: Yeah. And I hate how they say 'you have tested positive for the HPV virus.'
Me: Well, they have to give everyone their results.
RR: No, not that. It's how they say it, really loud, like it's a life or death situation and somehow I don't know it's serious. I know already, I don't want to hear it again.
Me: I know honey, I understand.


Why the hell does the doc always call the kid with results anyway? I understand the whole confidentiality thing, but for fuck's sake, it's my insurance paying for her tests, and my money making the copay for the office visit. Kids don't take this stuff seriously. Rugrat let it go for a week, damn it. I could have had a week less of the unknown, and we'd be a week closer to an appointment.

Anyway, if you didn't figure it out from the conversation, rugrat still has the virus (a year later, and it hasn't run its course yet), and we have to go back to the colposcopist for another biopsy.


Peaches said...

Hope all goes well.
Giving results over the phone via a message???
Not very professional!

All the very best.

Spring said...

Welcome to my blog, peaches!

Not to worry, this is an ongoing problem that this doc is addressing, and it's the first time they've called over the phone. It's not typical, but they were hoping to get us on top of it more quickly than by sending the results through the mail.

Would have worked better, though, if they'd called me instead of her.