Monday, September 25, 2006

blowing the mind

Prepping for lecture while on meds for a major flu virus is not something I plan to do again anytime soon. Was horribly sick, but didn't feel like I could cancel class. We only meet for two hours on Saturday, and they needed this content for their papers. I didn't want to have to delay the due date on their midterm assignment, cause everything for the rest of the semester is based on that assignment.

So I muddled through, sounding semi-intelligent but a bit out of it as well. And by the end of the lecture, my voice was pretty much gone. I'd lectured myself right into laryngitis, although it was better the next day.

You know, I really hate those moments when you're speaking from your lecture notes, and you have to pause and wonder just what the fuck you were thinking when you wrote that particular bit.

Oh, btw, just got word of an asst prof position nearby. It would be a bit of a commute, but doable, with a decent salary, and it's not one of the top programs in the area, so competition won't be as fierce. They start reviewing apps October 13, so I need to have my cv and cover letter done asap.

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