Sunday, August 06, 2006

rugrat takes a walk

Rugrat has become a funny mix of easy yet difficult lately -- and I mean more so than normally.

Her sleeping patterns have been changing over the summer, until she is staying up all night and sleeping all day. While up all night, she is on the computer -- AIM, myspace. The computer is worn out, and with the lights and air conditioner on all night our bill shows it. And when she is sleeping all day, she clearly isn't doing any work. And she's sleeping mainly in the living room, because her own room is uninhabitable.

She hasn't followed up on her working papers at school, or on any possible jobs, so basically, she's just a lazy assed kid sitting around the house doing nothing when she's not hanging with friends.

Sunday night is one of the nights I drive her to her boyfriend's house and then pick her up later. And today, she was supposed to get all the dirty dishes out of her room and wash them; fold and put away two loads of clothes she did during the week; and wash at least two more loads. I even got quarters so she could use the laundry room washer, since ours was broken.

Instead, she fell asleep on the sofa, and fell asleep hard. She didn't hear her phone ring or anything. I woke her up three times and told her she'd better get busy or I wouldn't drive her. I can't be sure she was completely awake, but she did respond with some grumps and whines, and then went back to sleep.

Miraculously, she manage to wake up 25 minutes before she was to be at the bf's. She came into my room, rushing me with 'mom, we need to leave.' I of course let her know it wasn't happening -- that I wasn't taking her anywhere since she hadn't done her work.

Think major storm, stomping, slammed doors, and very loud music for about 10 minutes, then another tirade in my room cause she thought I'd give in. I didn't. So 5 minutes later, she informs me that she's going anyway, and she'll just walk. It's about a 40 minute walk, maybe more since she's not much of a power walker, if you know what I mean.

I told her that the whole point of this wasn't just that I wouldn't drive her, but that she wasn't going because her work wasn't done. With an 'I'm sorry if I have a commitment to my boyfriend,' she went out the door anyway. I made the mistake of yelling after her that if she left, the door would be locked when she got back.

So as of this writing, I have no idea if she's even coming home, or when. Or what I'll do when she gets here. Or if I should let her bf know what's going on, so that he can back me up.

Life with a 16 year old girl. And the $64,000 question is, will we make it till she's 18.


Just some random guy said...

Oh how I do remember "Muck" storms. The doors I cracked with the sheer force of my anger; if I remember correctly for boys it goes until they turn 22.

For girls until they turn 20 or they move out of the house whatever comes first.

Cheer up Doc, if she walked to the bf's house she accomplished two things today (yesterday):
1. She got her exercise for the day.
2. She hopefully got a chance to cool off and see it from your point of view.

Delighted said...

Ack, girl, I remember the drama of my 16th year...

Steady on, Spring, smoother sailing is coming, sooner than you'll believe. The years, they keep a-flying.

Hugs to you, sweet.

Frank said...

My son's 19 and it was like I was reading his life story.....without quite as much drama.....perhaps they're talking to each other. *wink* My 18 year old daughter is similar, though she's not the computer type. They both have a serious aversion to waking up in morning. I suppose I did to at that age, but I never remember it getting in the way of work. (I hear as we age our memory becomes a bit more slective *grin*) The other day when I was away, Mom found a little party in progress at my vacated abode. It must be to much of a temptation.....I've been through it with both before.

Lucky for me they're good people....all storms will be weathered. It's just kinda scary at this age. Thinking back we did A LOT of stupid things, and although most managed to survive we all know one or two who didn't. Not much to do but let them grow, pray if it's your thing, and wait it out.

Nice talking to you Spring.

Spring said...

Delighted??? Is that by any chance my DD from the other place??? Whoo hooo!!!! Welcome to my blog (well, one of them), DD, if that is indeed you. I'm honored! :) And boy, do I hope that smoother sailing is out there somewhere.

random guy, welcome back again. We are doing better now, but she's no closer to taking responsibility. And these blow ups are more and more frequent now.

frank, welcome back to you, too! I know we all did really stupid things as teens, and I'm trying not to think about that, lol. But what I really want is a bit more responsibility, you know? At her age, my son had a full time job, for gosh sakes. Of course, he also didn't have cable tv and the internet, either...