Tuesday, August 29, 2006

moving along

Got the syllabus to the office to be copied for the first day of class.

I had a few moments of panic about a week or so ago. I had done the syllabus at the library, and put it on a floppy disk (they don't have cd burners), and when I went to print it out at work, my work computer read the disk as not formatted. Wouldn't access the data. So I tried at home, and the same result. So I went back to the library, and tried with their computers. I mean, if I did the original on those computers, they should read it now, right? But no, I got the same response.

Now, this syllabus and handout represents several hours of work, and I was completely panicked about potentially having to redo all that work. So I sat there for a moment, and then did what I do best -- repeat behavior that hasn't worked the first time. I clicked back onto the disk again in windows explore, but this time, it read the files on the disk. Whoo hooo!

So then, to avoid the problem, I tried to email the documents to myself, but the damned computer wouldn't let me email. I tried both our university email and yahoo, and couldn't get either one to work. So, I copied the files to my dissertation disk, since I had read that one the same day and knew it worked. And voila! Now I have my files.

All I need to do now to prep for class is dust off my lecture notes and burn the student cd's this weekend.

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