Saturday, August 12, 2006

conversation snippet

rugrat: where you going?
boyfriend: to your room
rr: why?
bf: I'm going to lay down on your bed for awhile.
rr: why?
bf: my back is hurting.
rr: need a massage, baby?

As I dropped rugrat off at her bf's on Friday afternoon, and watched them walk toward his mom's apartment, her arm tucked into the crook of his elbow as they walked, I was struck by just how lucky she is to have this guy. She really found a nice one this time, and she deserved it after that last one. Did I mention his favorite store was Barnes and Noble? A guy after my own heart, lol.

I don't think I mentioned that he was hit by a car when he was a kid. Hit and run, I think. Damaged his hip and leg, and he had a few surgeries after to repair damage. Apparently he needs more surgery, but he doesn't have medical insurance and can't get it done. He's not really supposed to be in a job where he has to stand all day, nor one that requires a lot of up and down lifting that would put pressure on the hip. But without a college education, his options are limited. (That's what was behind the conversation above -- he does find himself in pain often.)

I haven't posted a full photo of the two, but it occurred to me that they've plastered photos of themselves all over both their myspace accounts, and on friends' accounts too, so what harm could come of posting one here. This is rugrat and bf:


Curious_2b_sub said...

I'm glad I have a face with the name now.

She's very pretty and they look sweet together.


infinitesimal said...

DVR is paying for my college because of the migrains.
they might be able to train him in vocation of his choice as well as provide him with materials of the trade upon graduation and place him in a position once graduated.

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
Division of Workforce Development

I am saying that they are SUPPOSED to help him based on his injuries.
But in NYC???
Not sure the program is open or waiting list is even open.

Is a part of the Individuals with Disabilities Act.
Is a national mandate.

Google it for him if you have time.
The app is online


PS your RRat is a doll!