Tuesday, August 29, 2006

a clean bill of health

After bloodwork last week and a visit with the endocrinologist yesterday, I got lots of pats on the back for getting my triglycerides and bad cholesterol and blood sugar down dramatically. I can still do a bit better, but for a summer of exercising to do that much, it really shows the benefit of working out regularly. She couldn't even pretend to be serious about the work I still need to do, because the changes were so positive. Yay me!

Just as an example, my triglycerides, which have been over 300 in the past, need to be at 100 (because I am prone to high blood sugar, and triglycerides affect that -- normally, one would aim to stay below 150). They were 160 in February, now they are 129.

On another note, I am apparently old enough to need a bone density test. After a visit with my gynecologist as well yesterday, I now have to schedule another mammogram (now yearly), a bone density test, and a pelvic ultrasound for an ovarian cyst.

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